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How to get QUAN Delicacies during the Quarantine

After having a sumptuous Quarantine lunch or dinner, the best thing to have for postre (Hiligaynon for dessert) are authentic Negrense delicacies!

Just in case you are scampering for these delicacies, you can now get them from QUAN at Dian St., Makati City.

You can order via the FoodPanda app, or call them directly so you can pick up your orders, or send a Lalamove rider to do the task.

On the FoodPanda app, you can order : Banadas, Barquillos, Sugar Free Barquillos, Bibingka, Biscocho, But-ong, Butterscotch 16 Pieces Pack, Caramel Tart 10 Pieces Pack, Cassava Cake, Chicken Pie, Cuchinta 10 Pieces, Kalamay Hati,  Napoleones, Piaya 10 Pieces, Puto 10 Pieces, Puto 50 Pieces, Frozen Puto 50 Pieces, Puto Pao, and Sapin Sapin.

Kaon na ta! Gutom na ko!

Quan Delicacies at Dian St., Makati can be reached at 0938-724-8864 or via landline on (02)8833-5843

- Happy Eating!

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Negros Island.  The SWEET Spot of the Philippines.

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